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Caffe Bar Prica

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Technical specification

Caffe Bar Prica is a local caffe bar website that includes features like food and drink menus, news page and other presentation pages. The site is built with WordPress as a back-end CMS which allows for easy updates and maintenance by non-technical staff.


My responsibilities for this project included design and development of a complete website.

  • Layout, UI and UX design
  • Front End Development
  • Integration with WordPress
  • Responsive Design


The biggest challenge here was designing a UI/UX that worked well with the logo they already had. As a web developer, designing a website is not something I consider myself great at, but being a visual person, it is definitely something I can do well. Other challenges included integration with WordPress and making the website maintainable by someone who is not a developer. Allowing for easy integration of different post types (news posts, food/drink items) and taxonomies (food and drink categories) with the back-end office, WordPress made a perfect choice of CMS for this project.

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