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TRIO Academy

Online theology course academy

Technical specification

TRIO Academy is a innovative distance learning platform that offers college level courses grounded in Biblical thought. The web application runs on Angular 7 and utilizes RESTful API server designed and developed with Node.js and LoopBack framework.


For this project, I took the initiative of overseeing both Front-end and Back-end development of whole web application.

  • Front End Development (Angular, TypeScript, Bootstrap)
  • Design and development of role-based¬†REST API server
  • Back-end API integration with Stripe (payment processing) and Versal (learning platform)
  • Admin panel development and integration with REST API
  • AWS deployment (Bean Stalk and CloudFront + S3)
  • Responsive design
  • Server side rendering with Angular Universal


TRIO Academy was my first Node.js back-end development project. As we were short on human resources, I was able to step up and take the responsibility of overseeing the whole web application development process. This included learning LoopBack (Node.js REST API framework) and applying it on the spot. As a newbie to RESTful web services, I successfully handled development of complete back-end side of TRIO. This included design and implementation of payment processing (Stripe API), coupon system, role system (admin, customer), integration with Versal learning platform and web security. TRIO also comes with a custom designed admin panel that allows for course management, user management, course grading system etc.

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